The Management of the C.S.R. Laboratory, aware of the fact that quality is certainly one of the factors that best qualify the image and reputation of the organization, has decided to consider good professional practice and Quality, as indispensable means to achieve the following objectives:

  • Ensure the impartiality of the tests performed, while maintaining the absolute autonomy of the laboratory, strengthened by the adoption of its own management system compliant with UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025;
  • Guarantee the quality of the evidence;
  • Ensure the regular and consistent functioning of the laboratory and its management system;
  • Carry out an adequate assessment of the risks associated with the test activity;
  • Enhance the service provided by the organization to its users, guaranteeing the quality of the test service also through constant checks carried out at the highest levels of professionalism and objectivity, in compliance with legislative requirements;
  • Analyze the express or implicit needs of the customer and collaborate with him for a complete definition of the services provided, preserving and improving this collaboration relationship over time in order to obtain his full satisfaction;
  • Respect the previously established quality standards and, at the same time, improve them, in accordance with the Customer’s needs in terms of cost, reliability and availability;
  • Improve the internal management of the laboratory and, through it, the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization in compliance with the relevant legislation;
  • Involvement of personnel in the achievement of the new objectives with simultaneous improvement of technical knowledge through continuous training programs;
  • Organization of periodic meetings with staff to ensure involvement and awareness of their role in achieving company objectives;
  • Improve, where possible, the quality of the instrumental equipment of the laboratory;
  • Collaborate with external laboratories to improve the level of knowledge of the Laboratory for the benefit of a better service offered to the customer;
  • Evaluate the need to accredit new standardized test methods;
  • Planning of the economic costs related to the improvement and maintenance of the Quality System.


The Direction of the C.S.R. also points out that the Laboratory’s Quality System, as well as being an important tool for maintaining the level of quality already achieved, is aimed at ensuring the possible constant improvement of the quality level of the service and of the objectives that can be pursued.

The level of service offered is communicated to the customer through a specific document attached to the offer and formalized in:

  • delivery times within 5 days from the presentation of the samples,
  • for ACCREDIA accredited tests, possibility of issuing test reports with the ACCREDIA mark,
  • the documentability and traceability of the test activities, in order to be able to support any investigation or dispute,
  • maximum confidentiality in the results of the tests and compliance with the privacy law which provides for the storage of Test Reports and customer data in locked cabinets and password protection of computer data,
  • customer assistance in the interpretation of the analytical result.

The Laboratory Manager has the authority to activate what is necessary to achieve the established objectives, translated into quantifiable objectives established during the Review of the Quality System, by implementing and maintaining a Quality System in accordance with the provisions of the Reference Standard for UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 accreditation and the requirements of the ACCREDIA Accreditation Body, with particular reference to the technical aspects and personnel involvement.

The Quality Manager is given the authority to verify that the procedural system is adequate to the relevant legislation and correctly applied. 

All Laboratory personnel are required to implement the established policy, by achieving complete familiarity with the Quality documentation and constant application, in carrying out their work, of the established procedures.

The Management will periodically review the Quality System in order to ensure its continuous and correct adaptation to the objectives of the Laboratory and the needs and expectations of its Customers, ensuring the integrity of the system when changes are planned and implemented.


Update 02/03/20