Company History

CSR is an active part of research and development in the environmental sector and the building materials sector, through experimentation with innovative technologies and alternative materials.

The company constitutes a dynamic structure, formed by highly skilled management with numerous years of qualification and a solid experience in the field of environmental analysis, design, and road building, as well as production of aggregates, asphalt and concrete.

Thanks to the team work and the innovative and technologically advanced equipment, CSR is able to offer customers a wide range of services, ensuring high standards of efficiency and effectiveness in the chemical and geotechnical fields, acting as a reference point for all companies that require the testing of chemical, mechanical, and technological properties of materials in general, controls of raw materials, waste classification, and environmental analysis.

Thanks to its mobile units, the company is able to perform real-time, on-site control of processes at your production facilities, in order to optimise the technical solutions adopted and to verify adherence to the technical requirements of contract specifications.